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Are you in the automobile dealership business? That includes cars, motorcycles, and boats? If so, congratulations! The dealership industry is a lucrative business as consumers are always looking for something to take them, from point A to point B. However, managing a dealership can be tough. There are so many variables that go into running a successful dealership. From inventory to your sales force, to keeping up with open accounts, and payments; there’s a lot on your plate that you’re required to keep track of.

All of these variable translates over to your finances, which will determine what decisions you make moving forward. Are you going to expand or downsize? Are you going to purchase more inventory or sell off what you have? These are questions that every dealership owner must ask themselves at one point or another. Fortunately, GBC can help you answer these questions.

Drive Better Results with GBC    

In the event that you can’t afford to hire an in-house bookkeeper (they can be pretty expensive), hire GBC. Our team of highly trained bookkeepers have years of experience working with a multitude of business including dealerships. Allow us to come in, analyze your finances, and through our own specialized bookkeeping practices, draft financial reports that will be useful in making future financial decisions.

GBC can tell whether or not your dealership has the resources to expand to another location or purchase more inventory. Worried that your dealership may be located too far way? Don’t be as our remote bookkeeping services mean that we serve you no matter where you are in the world. Another great bonus is that you can check on your financial data at any time by simply logging into your account – great for making on-the-fly decisions.

Communication is Key

On the road to managing a successful dealership business, there’s a chance that you may have a question or two along the way. The good news is that your bookkeeper also serves as your support correspondent. That means that you can ask them any questions regarding your bookkeeping and they will be able to assist you.

This eliminates the feeling of not knowing where your business is heading. At GBC, we’re proud to say that great bookkeeping is only a phone call, email, or scheduled appointment away. Don’t wait another second!    

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