Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Versatility & Adaptability at its Finest

Bookkeeping works differently for various industries. Depending on what industry you operate within, you may require specified practices in order to effectively track and manage your finances. Each industry comes with its own set of expenses, structure, and economic decisions. At GBC, we pride ourselves on being versatile as well as adaptable to a variety of industries.

Our bookkeepers come with years of industry-related experience including retail, education, medicine & healthcare, real estate, and more. No matter what sector your business is located in, we assure you that our expertise will allow us to assist you to the fullest extent.

Check out some of our industry-related solutions below:

We find that a majority of potential clients fall within the retail industry. Our bookkeepers are experts in calculating operating expenses, inventory, sales tax, and other finances associated with the retail industry.
Whether your educational institution falls within the public or private sector, GBC can assist you with tracking your finances. The financial reports provided by us will also come in handy when it’s time to develop budgets and make decisions for the upcoming school year.
Medicine & Healthcare
The healthcare industry is tricky due to its numerous compliance regulations. Fortunately, our bookkeepers come with the experience necessary for reporting your financial progress and ensuring that you are punctual with all paperwork – avoiding late fees and penalties.
Real Estate
GBC has the pleasure of associating with seasoned members of the real estate industry. We are well-versed in both commercial and residential real estate and can assist your brokerage in a number of financial matters.
Non-profit organizations need just as much financial reporting and tracking as everyone else. Thanks to our experience working with non-profit organizations, we can effectively provide you with the data necessary for making time-sensitive decisions.
Whether you own a franchise or are looking to purchase one, GBC will look over the books for you. Our bookkeeping practices will determine whether or not it’s economically feasible to proceed with the purchasing or acquisition of a franchise.
Build a better a construction company with GBC by your side. Our Bookkeepers will monitor the cost the equipment and assist with providing financial reports needed in the budgeting of future projects. In the event your construction company is looking for effective bookkeeping practices, turn to GBC.
Manufacturing requires a ton of materials, equipment, and staff members to run it, which all requires money. Fortunately, GBC is here to assist with the bookkeeping process as we provide you with the data necessary to move forward and make future decisions.
GBC is proud to announce that it has experience in partnering with various types of dealerships including auto, motorcycles, and boats. Our bookkeepers take the time to carefully study your finances to determine if your next choice is the right one.
Professional & Technical Services
GBC understands the financial structure of most businesses within the professional and technical industry. We take a close look at your finances with the goal of finding potential opportunities and inaccuracies.
Entertainment, Hospitality, and Leisure
Are you in the business of crafting entertainment? Whether you work with movies, hospitality, or leisure, the Bookkeepers at GBC come equipped with the tools to financially track your expenses, revenue, and assets.
Financial Services
Even financial service providers need bookkeeping. Fortunately, our team of certified accountants are of capable of taking on the task. Trust in GBC to effectively monitor your finances to pinpoint exactly where your business is headed.

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