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Managing a non-profit organization is no simple feat and for that, I commend you. Whether they’re giving back to the community or hosting events that others can attend and enjoy for the sake of the arts and culture, non-profit organization have their work cut out for them.

Due to the fact that non-profit organizations operate off a different financial structure, they require a unique form of attention when handling their bookkeeping. Revenue isn’t counted toward profit and every cent that comes in must go toward some sort of resource, cause, or event.

This can make things tricky when it comes to financial tracking as all revenue must have a reported destination or expense. In addition to this change in bookkeeping, nonprofits also have many of the same expenses as regular businesses including payroll, inventory, and supplies. Bookkeeping is essential when it comes to managing a non-profit organization and so is finding a bookkeeper to handle it all.

GBC Helps You, Help Others

Fortunately, GBC is at your disposal. Our team of bookkeepers have years of experience working with non-profit organizations and appealing to their specific needs. Your resources are most likely allocated towards charitable giving and events. It’s important that your bookkeeper knows what to look for when monitoring your finances, which includes opportunities for growth as well as inconsistencies that could potentially pose an issue.

GBC is proud to say that our bookkeepers are certified professionals, trained in financial tracking from some of the best in the industry. With all the all revenue and expenses that your non-profit organization incurs, GBC is happy to take on the challenge.

Your financial strategy is unique and we treat it as such, developing a strategy tailored to the not-for-profit business. Even when tax season rears its head, we will assist you in providing financial statements to IRS in order to avoid possible fines and penalties. GBC is the only bookkeeper you need in regards to your non-profit organization. Allow us to help you, help others.

How to Reach Us

The best aspect of GBC is that we’re here to service you directly. Even though we do offer remote bookkeeping services, our level of accessibility matches that of an in-house bookkeeper. In the event you need to contact your bookkeeper, they are free to be contacted via email, phone, or scheduled appointment. They’re always here to offer insight, support, or provide you with financial statements at a moment’s notice.

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