What Does a Financial Controller Do?

A financial controller oversees accounting and makes sure that ledgers are accurate and that financial regulations are being adhered to.

Here are the tasks this type of professional performs:

  • Team management: Supervises the finance team and manages operations. A financial controller motivates the accounting team and ensures that stakeholders are in the loop.
  • Inventory: Monitors inventory assets.
  • Compliance: Ensures compliance. 
  • Data collection, budgeting, and month-end close: Makes sure that all proper processes are in place.

When to hire a financial controller

Often, small businesses don’t hire a controller at first. As the company grows and becomes increasingly complex, hiring a controller may be necessary.

Here are some signs that your business may be ready to hire a controller:

  • The business is growing quickly.
  • The business doesn’t understand its own financial condition well.
  • Leadership spends time on basic accounting.
  • Leadership doesn’t know if it’s in full compliance.
  • The business has lots of inventory and receivables.

Benefits of hiring a financial controller

Financial controllers are skilled in interpreting data and using that data to identify opportunities for a company or see where there might be drawbacks to be addressed.

A financial controller is actually capable of acting as an entire accounting team for a small business. This means they can do payroll management and collect overdue invoices if needed.

“In the simplest terms, financial controllers are senior managers charged with producing accurate books and records for a company. To do this, they must understand the operations of the business and the underlying relationships between inputs, outputs and the processes that support them,” according to NetSuite.

Most importantly, a financial controller is fully capable of increasing your revenues. Gone are the days of missed payments, penalties, and more. A financial controller can also help in the case of an auditor requesting to see financial documents.

Want to feel more in control of your business? Need to focus more on aspects of your business you actually understand? If you answered yes to any of these, it may be time to hire a financial controller.


Now that you know all there is to know about the benefits of having a financial controller, you may be ready to hire one. So, what’s next?

GBC’s controller services are geared toward growing up-and-coming businesses, typically those with at least $1 million dollars in annual revenues. Acting as an accounting manager, our controllers’ duties involve monitoring all client accounts and providing financial insight.

Our controllers and accounting managers have extensive backgrounds and expertise in financial management, making them a valuable asset in the review and monitoring of your accounting information.

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