Peachtree vs QuickBooks: What’s the Difference?

What is Peachtree vs QuickBooks? As with most things in today’s world, accounting has become digitalized. There are plenty of benefits to having accounting software and many different programs to choose from. So which is better?

Sage Peachtree vs Quickbooks – Peachtree accounting vs QuickBooks

Two of the most popular accounting programs are Intuit QuickBooks and Sage Peachtree. Both have their merits, but QuickBooks holds 90% of the market share. Does this make QuickBooks the better choice? Well, the short answer is no. Like with most things, it’s not black and white. One software isn’t unequivocally better than the other, and, like most products, the user’s demands likely determine which one is better for them. So, what sets them apart?


Peachtree compared to QuickBooks

While the underdog Peachtree, Peachtree compared to QuickBooks has many favorable features. One thing Peachtree is considered better at than QuickBooks is the transparency of calculations and transactions, which is important since it’s much easier to see the accounts money is leaving from and going to.

Another benefit of Peachtree is its ability to delete the entire transaction history and other data of specific companies that you might be doing business with. This may sound like a slight advantage but erasing the information of the entire transaction history of a company you no longer do business with can save a lot of time compared to deleting records and transactions one by one. Read on for a more in-depth comparison of Peachtree vs QuickBooks.

Is Peachtree better than QuickBooks? Compare QuickBooks to Peachtree

A Peachtree vs QuickBooks comparison is wise. Which is better between Peachtree and QuickBooks? To answer the question of is Peachtree better than QuickBooks, one feature Peachtree has over QuickBooks is its multiple customizable dashboards, which allow for more flexibility in the program. Another advantage is job costing and forecasting. This is important for businesses to have because it can help predict future costs for more accurate estimates of future growth, giving a more exact forecast for future expenses.

QuickBooks seems to be the gold standard in the accounting software world. A big reason for that is the amount of support it gives businesses. QuickBooks assists in setting up your company’s profile with ease within the program. It does all this with its extremely user-friendly interface. Regardless of how good a program is – or how many features it has – if it isn’t intuitive, it’s not very desirable.

QuickBooks offers an initial interview mode for setting up businesses, which takes a user through 21 simple and discrete, easy-to-follow steps and prepares a user for the initial setup of the program.

QuickBooks is also very clever with the use of its forms such as utility bills, purchase orders, and tax documents. The forms are designed to resemble the actual paper documents, making the process more seamless and intuitive. In terms of Peachtree vs QuickBooks, QuickBooks also offers automatic check signing, helping businesses streamline the check-writing process and eliminating the need for an additional machine or an outdated stamp.

While most use QuickBooks because of its user-friendliness and intuitiveness, Peachtree has its advantages, namely its transparency of calculations and multiple customizable dashboards.

Essential features

“For any size company when you are tracking financials there is absolutely nothing more paramount than accuracy. This is also true for usability or quality reporting. You want your software to be completely accurate and also intuitive enough for anyone to be able to use, and capable of producing high level reports,” writes BrainSell on accounting management solutions

“There are free accounting management solutions that are either cheap or free and available online – but they are incredibly limited in scope and features, and leave you open to inaccurate data and risk. In usability and depth QuickBooks and Peachtree are worth their weight in gold. They are the risk-free options provided to all small-business owners looking for a better accounting solution.” 

QuickBooks Premier can track data from various departments and locations or funds, and QuickBooks offer batch invoicing as well. QuickBooks can also be used with your online banking and web-based email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo!, and Gmail. 

“Peachtree is better suited for a heavy amount of specific small business tasks. It also boasts a highly customizable tool set. Each version of Peachtree can manage workflow analysis, volume pricing, complicated inventory concerns and vendor reports,” according to BrainSell. The software also has Internal Accounting Review for small business owners without any accounting background. 

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