The Difference Between Career Counselors and Recruiters

It’s that time. You are not a child anymore, and you have walked through that threshold that separates you from the maniacal lifestyle since your pubescent years into the first steps of your full fledged lifestyle as a culpable adult… Congratulations!…. And Good Luck! If you are trying to find a job in a condensed populated city, such as in the Big Apple, you’ll probably need some sort of Job Counseling in New York in order to help you with your job seeking hurdles

But one of the first things you’ll need to do, as a graduate from college, or a job seeker; seeking for a job to help provide for yourselves, is being mindful of the basic framework for survival in this unforgiving environment of modern day 1st world society (or 3rd world society, depending on where you are planning to live, or already living).

Finding a job, or entering into the workforce for the first time will definitely be one of your first priorities in living a more independent lifestyle as an adult.

You will be looking for job listings on websites, or community job fairs for that awesome entry level position you want to get, or to help you grow into a field you want to grow in.

Little do you know, or maybe you already know from your own personal experience, or just by researching the data on applying for a job, there is a consensus that you are not going to be the only one applying for that same position. To be factual, you can expect there to be over 100 people applying for that same job or internship.

What you can do to help you find a job

To better your chances to get hired, or to find a different career than the one you already have. It’s better for you to network with people who can help you get an interview with an employer. Create appealing social media pages in case a potential employer wants to scout out your credentials for the specific job your applying for. Better your resume and cover letters, provide a portfolio of your previous work. There are a whole list of things you can do to help prepare you for finding a job career you like.
But there are two kinds of people who can help prepare you even better than usual, to help make you stand out in the bunch. Those people are Career Counselors and Job Recruiters.

Career Counselors

A career counselor can help you find a job, or help you make a career change that can benefit your needs and interests. Career counselors can also help you get on track to achieve your ultimate goal, which is finding that dream job you always wanted.

Some ideals that most career counselors follow, to do their jobs correctly, and to help successfully please their clients objects are:

  • To provide a holistic and reasonable approach to measure a correct career fit for you
  • Provide a systematic, step-by-step approach to help you achieve your goals in finding your dream job, or other jobs like the one you seek
  • Career Counselors will stand beside you and help you through the transition of your career change as well as to manage your emotional upheavals you may face while going through your career change transition

Job Recruiters

Job recruiters typically look for the degrees and work experience of individuals that best match and fit an employer’s needs for a specific job. What a Job recruiter can do very well is to help get job seekers to meet the decision making employer for a specific job at a company.  However, job recruiters may not have the necessary skills to help job seekers transition from one career to another. Much less help prep you to ace your interview.  Although Job recruiters serve a great purpose in finding a job, one shouldn’t rely on them to help you actually get the job.